AMU BEd Sample Question Paper 2022 – BEd Entrance Solved Question Paper

AMU BEd Sample Question paper 2022. Are you studying at Aligarh Muslim University and is aspiring to take admission in AMU B.Ed 2020 session freshly awaited like many students. Then you have to take AMU B.Ed Entrance test 2020 in order to get admission. So, here I am to help you all with that, here I will be providing AMU B.Ed Sample Question paper 2022, with lots of questions to practice with answers.

You will also get to know more stuff like Previous Year AMU B.Ed Question paper 2022, and last 10 years question papers to get you an overview of type and nature of question paper AMU has set to select candidates for its B.Ed course. So, let’s begin the article.

VBU B.Ed Admissions 2020

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Aligarh Muslim University is going to start AMU B.Ed admissions 2020 events from the very first month of the new year. The University will start commencing online application forms from December 2020(tentatively) and the examination shall be tentatively performed in the month of May 2022.

Since there is a large number of students who want to grab admission in B.Ed as there is a large scope in teaching after perceiving bachelor’s in Education, hence the competition will obviously going to tough.

Knowing the competition level the AMU has decided to conduct the Entrance test for AMU B.Ed 2020 admissions, hence candidates will be selected for the given course only on the basis of their performance in the written test.

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UP Lekhpal Syllabus 2022

Previous Year AMU B.Ed Question paper 2022

Candidates you might have now wanted to start your preparation and hence landed here on this page for getting Sample papers, Model papers and Previous year Question paper.If so then you have reached the right place. First we will be discussing the Syllabus and pattern of AMU B.Ed Paper 2020, then the question bank and all sample papers have been listed here.

 Subject Marks
 Reasoning 25
 General English 25
 Teaching Aptitude 25
 Current Educational Affairs 25
  1. The exam paper consists of total 100 question paper.
  2. The General English & Intelligence question will be of 25 marks with 50questions.
  3. The Other topics will be relevant to 25 questions with 25 marks.
  4. Duration of the exam is 2 Hours.

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AMU B.Ed last 10 years Solved Question paper download

This is the general syllabus for AMU B.Ed 2020 entrance test:

(1) General Intelligence

(2) General English : The Syllabus for B. Ed. General English course shall comprise questions on language, grammar meanings of words, use of idioms and phrases;

(3) One of the SCHOOL SUBJECTS.

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Rajasthan REET 2022 Result download

BSER REET Level 2 Result 2023

AMU B.Ed Course Subjects 2020

  1.  English
  2. Urdu
  3. Hindi
  4. History
  5. Geography
  6. Civics
  7. Economics
  8. Commerce
  9. Mathematics
  10. Biological Sciences
  11. Physical Sciences
  12. Home Science
  13. Arabic
  14. Persian
  15. Fine Arts
  16. Sanskrit
  17. Theology

AMU B.Ed Entrance Exam Question Bank 2020

AMU B.Ed Reasoning Sample Questions with answers 2020

Question 1. Six members of a family were traveling as a, b, c, d, e and f.B is the son of c but c is not the mother of b. e and c are a married couple, e is the brother of c. d is the daughter of a, f is the brother of b. who is the wife of e:

(a). A

(b). F

(c). B

(d). cannot be determined

Question 2. Six members of a family were traveling, they are a.b.c,d and f. b is the son of c, but c is not mother of b.a and c are married couple, e is the brother of c. d is the daughter of a.f is the father of b.which of the following is a pair of female?

(a). a e

(b). b d

(c). d f

(d). a d

Question 3. Six members of a family were traveling, they are a.b.c,d and f. b is the son of c but c is not mother of b. a and c are married couple, e is the brother of c, d is the daughter of a, f is the brother of b, How is e related to d?

(a). father

(b). Brother

(c). Uncle

(d). None of these

Question 4. There is a group of Five Teachers a, b, c, d and e.

Where b and c teaches maths and Geography.

a and c teaches maths and History

b and d teaches political science and geography

d and e teaches political science and bilology.

e teaches biology, history and political science.

Who teaches political science, Geography and Biology.

(a). e

(b). d

(c). c

(d). b

Question 5. Geeta, Ravi and Suresh are Children of Mr. and Mrs. Khanna.

Renu, Raja and Sumit are Children of Mr. and Mrs. Chopra.

Sumit and Geeta are married and Ashok and Sanjay are their Children.

Garima and ram are children of Mr. and Mrs Chawla

Garima is married to suresh and has theree childrens rata, sonu and Raju.

How is Ravi related to Raju?

(a). Brother

(b). Uncle

(c). Cousin

(d). Maternal Uncle




3. (C)


5. (b)

AMU B.Ed Sample Questions based on Directions

Question 1. F is 60m south-east of Q.R is 60m North-East of Q. Then R is in which direction of P?

(a). North

(b). North-East

(c). South

(d). South-East

Ans. (a)

Question 2. If a boy walks from C, meets D followed by B, A and then E, how many meters did he walk if he has traveled the straight distance all through?

(a). 120

(b). 150

(c). 170

(d). 230

Ans. (d)

Question 3. A man is walking in the evening just before the sun set? His wife said that his shadow fell on his right. If the wife is walking on the opposite direction of the man, then which direction the wife was facing?

(a). North

(b). West

(c). South

(d). East

Answer. (c)

Reasoning Questions of related words

Question 1. What should come in the place of (?) in the given series.


(a). KKK

(b). JKI

(c). HJH

(d). IKL

Ans. (a)

Question 2. Typist : Typewriter : : Writer ?

(a). Script

(b). Pen

(c). Paper

(d). Book

Ans. (b)

Question 3. Paint: Artist:  :Wood

(a). Furniture

(b) Forest

(c) Fire

(d) Carpenter

Answer. (d)

Question 4. EIGHTY: GIEYTH:  : OUTPUT?





Answer. (d)

Question 5. Fill the missing letter in the following series:

S, V, Y, B, ?

(a). C

(b). D

(c). E

(d). G

Answer. (c)

 AMU B.Ed Sample papers for English 2020

In these questions, sentences are given with blanks to be filled in with an appropriate words four alternatives are suggested for each question. Choose the correct alternative out of the four and indicate the correct sequence.

Question 1. Tourists always enjoyed ……………….. the setting sun in the Darjeeling hills.
(A) to watch (B) watching (C) in seeing (D) seeing
Ans : (B)

Question 2. The speaker did not properly space out his speech, but went on ………. one point only.
(A) stressing (B) avoiding (C) devoting (D) decrying
Ans : (A)

Question 3. A …………… of Japanese artists stepped off the coach amidst a warm welcome.
(A) troop (B) troupe (C) band (D) gang
Ans : (B)

Question 4. Today students should be reconciled ………….. the way things are changing.
(A) with (B) to (C) for (D) at
Ans : (A)

Question 5. Ramappa ……….. as the Mayor of the town and he will assume charge this Friday.
(A) elects (B) elected (C) is elected (D) is electing
Ans : (C)

In these questions, some of the sentences have errors and some have none. Find out which part of a sentence has an error and indicate corresponding to the appropriate letter (A, B, C). If there is no error, indicate corresponding to (D).

Question 1. He ate (A) / nothing (B) / since yesterday. (C) No error (D)
Ans : (A)

Question 2. An experimental vaccine (A) / has brought (B) / glimmer of hope for malarial researcher. (C) No error (D)
Ans : (C)

Question 3. After making me wait for two agonising hours (A) / the great man called me in (B) / and asked me what do I want. (C) No error (D)
Ans : (A)

Question 4. The ebb and flow of the tides (A) / are (B) / now understood. (C) No error (D)
Ans : (B)

Question 5.. The green paint on the wall (A) / provides a suitable contrast (B) / with the yellow doors. (C) No error (D)
Ans : (C)

The public sector banks are witnessing in India a period of transition and are at crossroads, where they without giving up social responsibility, should also remain healthy. They need to undertake risky experiments. yet perform it innovatively in a way it does not fail. They should make forays into new areas which are rarely tread by them and lose no emerging opportunities. It should be understood that absence of any bad advance is no sign of efficient banking system. It only indicates immense. conservatism. However this is no guarantee for profit. There should be a balance between liquidity and risk. Past sins should be forgotten. Novel and pragmatic techniques should be adopted without which banks would be in danger.

Ques 1. What according to the author, are the public sector banks witnessing ?
(A) A period of profit (B) A period of change
(C) A period of certainty (D) A loss-making period
Ans : (B)

Ques 2. In addition to being socially responsible, what does the author want the banks to be ?
(A) Customer-friendly (B) Able to attract foreign investors
(C) Financially healthy (D) Senseless risk-takers
Ans : (C)

Ques 3. How can the banks take risks without risking a failure ?
(A) By being innovative (B) By soliciting the help of the government
(C) By being financially healthy (D) By being conservative
Ans : (A)

Ques 4. What does the absence of any bad advance indicate ?
(A) A penchant for risks (B) Immense conservatism
(C) Financial independence (D) A deep-seated social commitment
Ans : (D)

95. What would happen if novel and pragmatic techniques are ignored ?
(A) Will put the banks in danger (B) Will undermine the banks’ social commitment
(C) Will reveal the untapped talent (D) Will result in inefficient portfolio management
Ans : (A)

This is all for AMU Model papers, we will keep updating you with more fresh study materials stay updated till then.

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