Mr. Harry had four daughters, each daughter had one brother, how many children does Mr. Harry have?

Here is a tricky question that is viral on social media. A person names Mr Harry had four daughters and each daughter had one brother. So, how many children does Mr Harry have?

Read this article for the detailed answer.

Detailed Answer

There are two answers to this question.

You know people give so much emphasis on HAD and HAVE. Generally, We use HAD with past perfect tense and have with present perfect tense.

Also, both HAD and HAVE are used for possessiveness.

If I take the first sentence i.e. Mr Harry had four daughters, each daughter had one brother,

That means Mr Harry was blessed with 4 daughters and one son. But somehow something had happened to Mr Henry’s children which left Mr Henry alone in this world. So He doesn’t have any child.

Now, look into the second sentence i.e. how many children does Mr Harry have?

That means at present how many children Mr Harry have. It is very sad to say Mr Harry have no daughter and son. It’s so pathetic. In his old age, there is no one to look after him.

Let’s pray to God that his loneliness will have vanished.

Hence, Mr Harry has no children.


If we ignore some grammatical variation like had and have then the solution would be:

This is a tricky question.

Read the question carefully.

Ans: 5 Children

Mr Harry has 4 daughters = 4 people

Each daughter has one brother = 1 people

Therefore, the total children do Mr Harry have in his family 4+1 = 5 people.

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