What is CIF number? Where can you find yours?

People who have bank accounts once in a lifetime came across the term CIF number in their lives. So what is this CIF number?


The term C I F stands for “Customer Information File” which contains all the personal information of the bank account owner.The CIF is an 11 digit number that is used by banks to decode the information of their customers about the loans, Demat, and KYC, which includes identity proofs, address proof when needed.This 11 digit code is unique per customer for their different accounts. This code cannot be changed with accounts. The number is specially coded with all the information about loans, Demat, and personal information about the customer.

Where can you find this CIF number?

You can easily find your CIF number at various steps in online and offline banking.


  • Internet banking
  1. Log in to your internet banking.
  2. Choose the +e-statement option.
  3. Select the period for e-statement.
  4. The account summary page will display your CIF number.
  • Mobile app
You can easily find your CIF number on the app of various banks.


  • Cheque book
You can find your CIF number printed on the first page of your chequebook.
  • Passbook
Similarly, the CIF number is printed on the first page of the passbook.
  • Customer care
You can contact at customer care number for information regarding your CIF number.
  • Bank manager
You can also contact the branch manager of the bank for information regarding the unique code i.e. CIF number.

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