What Is GoFounders?

GoFounders is a unicorn IT company that Ash Mufareh launched in July 2018 to help business owners to have financial freedom, personal time and a successful self-operating business.

The company offers multiple benefits to the members who registered on this marketing platform as Founders. It provides superior and excellent marketing tools that keep evolving market needs in mind.

Why should one join GoFounders?

1. Entire Business Automation: GoFounders enables business owners to get rid of the manual effort required for day-to-day business operations. GoFounders’ marketing platform ONPASSIVE is integrated with Artificial Intelligence (AI) to automate all manual activities involved in a business. Hence, no recruitment is required, no additional marketing tools are required, and no manual effort is needed, leading to cost efficiency that can be achieved through GoFounders’ automation tools.

2. Financial Freedom: Its founders make a regular residual earning through a unique compensation plan which provides complete financial freedom for their entire life.

The company offers a 3X10 forced matrix which ensures enrolment of 3 members per level by a founder and it continues till the tenth level. Each founder would have to use marketing tools and also purchase packages for remaining active on the network.

There are four packages designed for each level:

  • a. AFFILIATE: It is a default package that is assigned to each new founder. The cost of this package is $25.
  • b.PRO: The cost of this package is $125, but a founder would have to pay $150 because if a higher package is purchased, then the cost of the package beneath would be added automatically.
  • c. LEADER: Cost of LEADER package is $250; however, as explained above, a member would have to also pay for AFFILIATE and PRO packages. So the total cost would be $400.
  • d. MASTER: This is the highest package a member can opt to purchase, which costs $500 but after including other 3 packages, the cost of this package would be $900.

These are monthly costs that a member would have to pay to remain active. But the return on this payment is much higher. The Running Pay-out is designed in such a way that you receive cumulative earnings for each level and each package. So at the fourth level, a member with the MASTER package can earn $4,050 monthly by spending only $900.

Spill-Over is another best part of GoFounders’ compensation plan. According to this, if all positions at a level (let’s say under Founder A) are filled then a member enrolled at this level would fall to the next level (under Founder B) having an open position. This allows B to earn a commission for the member enrolled by A. How great is that?

GoFounders is a product-based IT company that allows its members to use its marketing automation tool, unlike other fake companies that make money by recruiting members and don’t have any products to offer or sell.

The company has its presence in 100 countries and has 48,000 active members. These members would be able to access all the tools and benefits for free after the launch of the platform. Currently, limited members can become Founders and can register only by personal invitation through webinars or emails.

GoFounders has an objective to provide a tension-free, stress-less and effortless life to its founders with a fully-automated business in hand.

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