BL Theraja PDF Book Vol 1+2+3+4 | A Textbook of Electrical Technology BL THERAJA

BL Theraja PDF Book Download: If you are a student of electrical engineering then you must know about A Textbook of Electrical Technology BL Theraja. This one is one of the best books for electrical engineering students.  Visitors looking for BL Theraja PDF Book download link are in right place. A Textbook of Electrical Technology is written by B.L.Theraja and A.K. Theraja and published under S. Chand Publication. This publication holds the copyright for this book. So, follow this article and get the fundamentals of electrical engineering and electronics by bl theraja pdf from here.

BL Theraja
BL Theraja

A Textbook of Electrical Technology BL THERAJA Pdf

This complete set of books is divided into 4 parts and each is different from the others. These are:-

  • BL Theraja Volume 1: Basic of electrical engineering – Buy Here
  • BL Theraja Volume 2: AC and DC Machine – Buy Here
  • BL Theraja Volume 3: Transmission, Distribution and Utilization – Buy Here
  • BL Theraja Volume 4: Electronic Devices and Circuits – Buy Here

BL Theraja Vol 1 PDF Book

The first part of BL Theraja is based on basic of electrical engineering and having topics from electric circuits to capacitors and different types of AC Circuit. This book is subdivided into 24 chapters as follows,

  • Electric Current and Ohm’s Law
  • D.C. Network Theorems
  • Work, Power and Energy
  • Electrostatics
  • Capacitance
  • Magnetism and Electromagnetism
  • Electromagnetic Induction
  • Magnetic Hysteresis
  • Electrochemical Power Sources
  • Electrical Instruments and Measurements
  • A.C. Fundamentals
  • Complex Numbers
  • Series A.C. Circuits
  • Parallel A.C. Circuits
  • A.C. Network Analysis
  • A.C. Bridges
  • A.C. Filter Networks
  • Circle Diagrams
  • Polyphase Circuits
  • Harmonics
  • Fourier Series
  • Transients
  • Symmetrical Components
  • Introduction to Electrical Energy Generation

So, if you want to get volume first then use this bl theraja vol 1 pdf free download link and enjoy.

BL Theraja Vol 2 PDF Book

Are you here by searching terms like electrical technology by bl theraja vol 2 google books and electrical technology by bl theraja vol 2 pdf download, you are in right place. A Textbook of Electrical Technology Vol 2 covers topics related to AC and DC machines. So, this one is the best book for the electrical machine. This book is subdivided into 15 chapters as follows:-

  • Elements of Electro-mechanical Energy Conversion
  • D.C. Generators
  • Armature Reaction and Commutation
  • Generator Characteristics
  • D.C. Motor
  • Speed Control of D.C. Motors
  • Testing of D.C. Machines
  • Transformer
  • Transformer: Three Phase
  • Induction Motor
  • Computation and Circle Diagrams
  • Single-Phase Motors
  • Alternators
  • Synchronous Motor
  • Special Machines

BL Theraja Vol 3 PDF Book

Text Book of Electrical Technology: Volume 3 covers Transmission, Distribution and Utilization. This book have following topics:-


  • D.C. Transmission and Distribution
  • A.C. Transmission
  • Distribution Electric Traction
  • Industrial Applications of Electric Motors
  • Distribution Automation
  • Electronic Control of AC Motors
  • Electric Heating
  • Rating and Service Capacity
  • Electric Welding
  • Illumination
  • Tariffs and Economic Considerations
  • Semiconductor Physics
  • P.N. Junction Diode
  • Opto Electronic Devices
  • Special Diodes


BL Theraja Vol 4 PDF Book

Volume 4 covers following chapters:-


  • Semiconductor Physics
  • P-N Junction Diode
  • Optoelectronic Devices
  • Special Diodes
  • D..C. Power Supplies
  • Regulated Power Supply
  • Bipolar Junction Transistor
  • Load Lines and DC Biased Circuits
  • Transistor Equivalent Circuit and Models
  • Single-Stage Transistor Amplifiers
  • Multistage and Feedback Amplifiers
  • Feedback Amplifier
  • Field Effect Transistors
  • Breakdown Devices
  • Sinusoidal and Non-sinusoidal Oscillators
  • Modulation and Demodulation
  • Integrated Circuits
  • OP-AMP and its Applications
  • Number Systems and Codes
  • Logic Gates
  • Boolean algebra & Logic Families
  • Flip-Flops and Related Devices
  • Electronic Instruments

Here I have shared the complete combination of BL Theraja PDF Book Vol 1+2+3+4 | A Textbook of Electrical Technology BL THERAJA. If you are facing any problem to download BL Theraja pdf book, feel free to comment here.


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