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HR Full Form :-

Friends, in today’s time people go far and wide in search of employment and go far and work in a private company. Friends, if you have worked in a private company, then you must have heard about HR.

When we go to work in a company, we are first interviewed, interview company taken by HR only. Interview In HR tries to get information about us and our capability.

In this article, we are going to get information related to these HR, let’s start and get information about HR in details.

HR Ka Full Form :-

HR full formHuman Resource”, which we know in our language as ‘Human Resource’.

Big private companies and institutions have HR group which is a company or Institutions In human source works of.

The main function of HR is to recruit new employees in the company, handle the management of the company and provide proper instruction to the newly recruited employees.

  • H – Human
  • R – Resources

HR Full Form in Hindi :-

By reading the information given to friends, by now you must have come to know that the full form of HR is “Human Resources“Happens.

“Human Resources” in Hindi languagehuman resourceKnown as ” human resource It is called Hindi full form of HR.

  • HR – Human Resources

Meaning of HR :-

The term HR was first used around 1960 AD. The main function of HR is to do human resource management.

In any organization or any organization through HR only Managementhandjob recruitment and other types of work are done. In almost all private company, private organization, a department of HR is created which performs all these tasks.

If there is a decrease in the number of employees in the company, then only new employees are interviewed by the HR of that company and new employees are recruited. That is, HR fulfills the employees as per the requirement in the company.

What is HR :-

The HR department in a company is considered to be the most important department of that company because it is through them that the employees working in the company are taken care of and if they face any problem, they are also redressed by them.

HR works by recruiting new employees on the vacant posts in the company and filling them so that there is no shortage of man power in the company and the company should produce properly so that the company can get maximum profit.

After recruiting new employees in the company, it is all the work of the HR of the company to tell and explain to them about the rules and regulations of the company. It is the job of HR to train the new employees recruited in the company and to fix their salary according to their work.

HR takes special care of all the employees of its company and if they Training If needed, HR also provides training to them.

HR Responsibilities :-

Friends, in a company, there is a huge responsibility on the HR of that company, the responsibility of HR is as follows-

  • Interviewing new people and recruiting new recruits.
  • The time of interview is managed by HR only.
  • Recruitment Process.
  • of job advertisement (Job Ads) issuance.
  • Checking the submitted resume.
  • The work of Payroll and Benefits Administration is done by HR only.
  • Reviewing payroll is also the job of HR.
  • Approval of benefits statements.
  • Participate in benefits task on behalf of the company.
  • It is also the job of HR to approve invoices for payments.
  • It is also the work of HR to provide leave to employees due to illness and any other reason.

Working of HR :-

The post of HR is a very big post in a company, HR works under Human Resource Management (HRM). The HR of the company is responsible for achieving the goal of any work in the company.

The HR department controls all these functions in the company, the functioning of HR is as follows-

  • Recruitment of new employees.
  • Carrying out training and development work.
  • Preparation of personnel cost planning.
  • managing time
  • Wages and salaries of employees.
  • Employee Benefits Administration.
  • Evaluation
  • Envisioning the workforce.
  • skill management
  • travel management

Eligibility for becoming HR :-

To become an HR candidate must have a Master’s Degree in Human Resource Management (HRM). The names of some special courses for HR are as follows-

  • Master of Human Resource Management (MHRM)
  • Master of Human Resource and Organizational Development (MHROD)
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Human Resource Management (PGDHRM)
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Human Resource Development (PGDHRD)

To apply in any of the courses given above the candidate must have done in any discipline graduate It is mandatory to have a certificate of Master Degree is of 2 years duration and PG Diploma Degree is of 2 years duration.

The selection process is different in the institutes, most of the institutes accept the students on the basis of the marks obtained by the IIMs in the examination.

Apart from this, there are some institutes which conduct their own examination for these courses.

Important Skills for HR :-

For HR, the candidate should also have some essential skills which are as follows-

  • For HR, the candidate should have courage and challenge nature to speak properly and should also be able to resist or challenge others in unfamiliar situations.
  • The HR candidate should be personally credible.
  • The HR candidate should also be a thinker and a judge.
  • The HR candidate should have collaborative like ability to work with different types of persons both inside the organization and outside the organization.

HR Salary :-

If you want to become HR then you must know how much salary is given to HR. In any company, an HR is given salary at the rate of at least 20,000 to 30,000 rupees per month. The salary of HR is different in all companies, which depends on how the company is. The salary of HR also increases from time to time.

  • Average Salary – (20k – 30k)/month

Apart from the salary, some other facilities are given to HR, which depends on the company, what kind of company it is.

Other Full Forms of HR :-

Friends HR has different full forms in different fields, some of which are as follows-

HR Full Form in Company :-

Full form of HR in companyHuman Resource“What happens in Hindi”human resourceknown as ‘.

HR Full Form in Job :-

Friends, when we work in a company or somewhere, there is also a department of HR, full form of HR in the field of job.Human Resource“It happens.

HR Full Form in Office :-

Use of the term HR in Office “Human Resource” are done only for

HR Full Form in Computer :-

computer The full form of HR in the field of “Key”Human Resource“It happens.

Apart from this, the full form of HR in places like Software Company, Industry, MBA etc.Human Resource“It happens.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) :-

1. Meaning of HR :-

Human Resource or HR is a division of business whose job is to find new employees, recruit new employees and provide training to them.

2. What is HR Function :-

There are mainly seven functions of HR which are as follows-

  1. Recruitment and Selection
  2. Learning & Development
  3. performance management
  4. Succession planning.
  5. data and analytics
  6. human resource information system
  7. compensation and benefits And so on.

3. How many types of HR are there (Types of HR) :-

There are mainly 3 types of HR which are as follows.

  1. party planner
  2. lawyer
  3. business people

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