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iPhone Full Form :-

The most used phone in the world is ‘iPhone’ but do you know what is the full form of iPhone or do you know why the word ‘i’ is used in iPhone, what does it mean?

Friends, if you do not know what is the full form of iPhone and what is the meaning of the word ‘i’ in iPhone, then you read this article completely, by reading this article completely, you will get all the information about it. .

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Full form of iPhone :-

Friends, let me tell you that there is no full form of iPhone, it is a phone which is made by Apple company.

APPLE This phone (iPhone) made by the company comes in the category of Best and Top class.

What does ‘i’ mean in iPhone?

Friends, the most used phone around the world is ‘iPhone’, there will be hardly any person in the world who would not like this phone. In today’s time it is every person’s dream to have an iPhone of his own.

Friends, now it comes to what is the meaning of ‘i’ in iPhone, if you think that ‘i’ means ‘my’ (myself) then you are totally wrong because ‘i’ means ‘my’. ‘ (myself) does not happen.

Friends, let me tell you that the use of the word ‘i’imac‘ iMac was launched in 1988, when Steve Jobs told people that ‘i’ meant ‘internet‘ Huh.

At that time the Internet was a new thing for the people and the main reason for bringing the iMac was that the Internet could be worked fast. When the iMac was introduced, at that time Steve Jobs told the people present that the iMac is based on the Macintosh so it can work very fast on the Internet.

After this, gradually, as the time changed, its definition also changed and the word ‘i’ was changed. informationLearn to know is defined by words like inform, individual instruct and inspire.

What is iPhone (What is iPhone) :-

iPhone is a phone made by the Apple company, the operating system of the iPhone is ‘iOS’.

Friends, in 1998, the meaning of ‘i’ internet It was told that the reason for this was that the use of internet was very less at that time and the word ‘i’ meant a system that would promote internet and prove to be the best for internet at present.

friends Google and Facebook etc. That was not even established i.e. Google was also found after the arrival of ‘i Devices’.

The Apple company had understood that the internet is going to be the biggest service in the coming times and today you can also see that the internet is also the biggest service in today’s time.

Apple started presenting all its products in the i Series and also named its phone as iPhone. iPhone is an iOS based phone.

Apple company launched the iPhone after a long time of launching its first product, today iPhone is the only phone in the world that has maintained its presence in the market even at this time and is being used by people for this. The phone (iPhone) is also being bought.

Android Since the arrival of many other Operating System (OS) phones have gradually died out, but iPhone phones are still on trend today.

iOS Full Form :-

iOS full formiPhone Operating SystemThe iPhone Operating System or iOS is a mobile operating system developed by Apple.

iPhone Operating System or iOS, iPad, iPhone Touch and iPhone etc There are operating systems designed to run on such devices.

  • iOS – iPhone Operating System

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