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LG Full Form :-

LG ka full formLucky Goldstar“What we do in our language”Lucky GoldstarKnown as ‘.

Lucky Goldstar or LG or multinational conglomerate company, headquarter of LG company Yeouido-dong, Seoul, South Korea.

LG Company Full Form :-

Friends, by reading the above information, you must have come to know that LG is a multinational conglomerate company, its full form is ‘Lucky Goldstar’.

Lucky Goldstar is known by the name ‘Lucky Goldstar’ in Hindi language and this is also called Hindi full form of LG.

  • LG – Lucky Goldstar

What is LG (What is LG) :-

LG is a multinational electronics company that provides a wide range of telecommunications products, electronic products and chemicals.

LG is a very old and very famous company, LG company has divided its business into following 5 departments

  1. home entertainment
  2. mobile communication
  3. Air Conditioning
  4. home appliances
  5. Energy Solutions and Vehicle Components etc.

Vehicle Components has many subsidiaries such as LG Electronics, LG Telecom, LG Display and LG Chem etc., all operating in more than 80 countries of the world.

LG company has a new logo to represent its corporate brand, this logo consists of letters “L and G” as human face.

Some information is given to us by its logo, the circle represents the globe, the friendliness with the smiling face and one eye shows that LG company is focused and goal oriented company.

Establishment of LG Company :-

LG company was established on 5 January 1947.

LG’s Subsidiaries :-

Friends, the subsidiaries of LG Company are divided into the following three parts such as – Electronic Industry, Chemical Industry and Telecommunication and Services etc.

Some of the subsidiaries of LG are as follows-

1. Electronic Industry :-

  • LG Display
  • LG Siltron
  • LG Innote
  • Lusem
  • LG Electronics etc.

2. Chemical Industry :-

  • LG Life Sciences
  • LG Chem
  • LG MMA
  • LG Hausys
  • LG Household & Health Care etc.

3. Telecommunication & Services :-

  • LG CNS
  • LG Uplus
  • LG N-Sys
  • LG International Crops
  • SERVEONE etc.

History of LG Company :-

Let’s get information about the history of LG company-

  • LG company was founded by Koo-In-Hwoi as Goldstar. Was the first organization that came into the plastic market of Korea.
  • The first Korean radio was produced by Goldstar in 1960.
  • In 1995, Gold Star joined the Lucky Chemical Army, then its name was changed to Lucky Goldstar.
  • After the union of these two, in the year 1995 America It bought Zenith, a television manufacturer of the U.S. and changed its name to LG Electronics.
  • In 1998, the LG company manufactured the world’s first 60-inch plasma television.
  • The LG company built a manufacturing line for CDMA handsets in China in 2002.
  • The LG company manufactured the world’s first 55-inch LCD television.
  • In 2004, a 71-inch plasma television was introduced by the LG company.
  • The LG company was ranked the world’s fourth largest cell phone distributor in the world in 2005.

LG’s second full form :-

Friends, there are many other full forms of LG, let’s know about another full form of them.

LG ka Full Form :-

LG ka full formLieutenant Governor“What happens in Hindi language”lieutenant governorknown as ‘.

LG Full Form in Hindi :-

Friends, by reading the above information, by now you must have come to know that the full form of LG is “Lieutenant Governor“Happens.

Lieutenant Governor in Hindi languagelieutenant governorLt Governor is also known as LG ka Hindi full form.

Who is known as the Lieutenant Governor:-

The Lieutenant Governor or Lieutenant Governor is in charge of the Union Territories such as Delhi, Andaman and Nicobar Islands and Pondicherry. The term of the Lieutenant Governor is 5 years.

to the lieutenant governor India The government is appointed by the President, the Lieutenant Governor can also be removed by the President.

Qualification for Lieutenant Governor :-

Some qualifications are also sought to become a Lieutenant Governor, the qualifications that are sought for this are as follows-

  • Candidate India Must be a citizen of
  • The minimum age of the candidate should be 35 years.
  • The candidate should not be a member of either House of the Parliament or a member of the State Legislature.
  • Both male and female candidates can apply for this post.

Some other full forms of LG :-

Friends, there are many other full forms of LG, some of them are as follows-

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