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LOL Full Form :-

Friends, if you are a social networking platform like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and WhatsApp And so on You must have seen the word LOL there because the word LOL is used more on social media.

Friends, the word LOL is used during chatting, but nowadays people have started using this word in almost every place, today in this article we are going to get information about this LOL word in details. Let’s start and get the details about it-

Full Form of LOL :-

LOL ka full formLaughing Out Loud“What we know in our language as ‘Laughing Out Loud’.

In Laughing Out Loud, Laughing means to laugh and Loud means ‘loud’. That is, Laughing Out Loud means ‘laughing out loud’ in Hindi.

LOL Full Form in Hindi :-

Friends, by reading the above information, you must have come to know by now that the full form of LOL is “Laughing Out Loud“Happens.

Meaning of Laughing out Loud in Hindi languagelaugh out loud‘ or ‘lots of laughter‘ happens. The Hindi full form of LOL is called ‘Laughing loudly’.

  • LOL – Laughing Out Loud

What is LOL (What is LOL) :-

LOL is a Short Form whose full form is ‘Laughing Out Loud’, in today’s time people use Short Form to save time, out of which LOL is also a short form.

You must be aware that nowadays people are using more short form to save time like use of Gm for Good Morning, gn for Good Night, Fi9 for Fine and OK Using k word for . Similarly, to express their laughter, instead of using the word Laughing Out Loud, people are using only the word LOL.

The word LOL is mostly used during chatting on social media, friends, you must know that in today’s time we use different types of emoji during chat like happy emoji and sad when sad. Send emoji.

But if you were asked to express laughter without using emoji, how would you do it? Yes, you would use the word LOL in this situation which means ‘laugh out loud’.

The term LOL was first used during 1980-1990 on usenet which is a Worldwide Discussion System Huh.

Use of LOL :-

Friends LOL is a short form which is used to express our feeling, when we are chatting with someone and we laugh very loudly on something, then to tell the person in front about it. For this we use the word LOL.

In today’s time, many emoji have started coming to express laughter, but if you are asked to express all your laughter without the person in front of the emoji, then in this situation use the word LOL.

Where did the word LOL come from :-

Earlier this word was used only by foreigners, but in today’s time this word is being used in almost all countries, now the use of the word LOL has become quite popular in India.

LOL Full Form in Whatsapp :-

Friends, you must have seen that people like Whatsapp and Facebook While chatting on social networking sites like etc., we use the word LOL.

Whatsapp and Facebook On social networking sites like etc., the word LOL is used only for “Laughing Out Loud”.

LOL Full Form in Chat :-

During a chat, the word LOL is also used to mean “Laughing Out Loud”, which means laughter or a very loud laugh.

Apart from this, the word LOL is also used for the following words in chat-

  • LOL – Lots of Love
  • LOL – Life of Love
  • LOL – Lock-on Love
  • LOL – Lots of Losers

Other Full Forms of LOL :-

There are many other full forms of LOL, some of which are as follows-

  • LOL – Little Old Lady
  • LOL – Levels or Love etc.

Apart from all this, there are many other full forms of LOL.

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