POLICE Full Form – What is the full name of police

What is the full form of POLICE?: Today we are going to tell you what is the full form of POLICE . Yes, you have heard it right, let us tell you that in the full form of POLICE, P means Protection, apart from O O means Of. With this L comes from Life which is also called our life in Hindi. I mean In, and C means Civil and E means established. Its final full form is Protection of life in civil establishment. We want you to memorize this full form because this type of question can often be asked in exams or competitions. This is a full form of POLICE, there are many other such full forms of POLICE.

Full form of POLICE and their 6 good quality

Let me tell you that the police are our lives every type of service, and now we POLICE are going to tell a full form. Let us tell you that the word POLICE is formed by adding 6 alphabets of English. Today we are going to tell you about that 6 quality of police through the word POLICE, due to which a common man trusts the police.

The first word comes P which means Polite, and the word Polite means decent in Hindi. O stands for Obedient and Obedient means obedient. They always follow the orders of the senior officers. After this the third word comes L i.e. Literate means the person who will be intelligent. After this comes intelligence from I, that is, intelligence. This term is also used at the time of the investigation. After this C means Clever i.e. clever cunning person. After this, E would be the Elite person i.e. the best person. If you have liked some special things related to this information of our police, then do like and share. 35

POLICE Full Form

  • P – Polite
  • O – Obedient & Obedient
  • L – Literate
  • I – Intelligence
  • C – Clever
  • E – Elite