PRCR Full Form – What does PRCR stand for?

PRCR FULL FORM means  Pre-authorized credit. It is a term related to banking. Whenever you use your debit card for shopping or in any POS. So whatever money you deduct from your account, you will be able to see it in your ACCOUNT STATEMENT written PRCR.

That is, if some debit is seen in your account statement and PRCR is seen written in front of that debit amount, then it means that you have used your debit card at any online shopping or any POS. It is completely legal from a banking point of view.

In fact, nowadays we do a lot of online shopping and not only this, we also like to go to shopping malls for general shopping. But in all these places we pay by debit card only. The bank has to show the same transaction in your account as well. That is why the bank uses the word PRCR so that you can know where your money is deducted.

What PRCR meaning in a bank statement?

It is very important for you to know what PRCR means in the bank statement. Whenever you do shopping on Amazon, Flipkart, MYNTRA etc. or make payment by debit card in any POS – then the word PRCR will appear in your bank statement. This is only to inform you that you have used your Debit Card at the above-mentioned place.


PRCR FULL FORM means  Pre-authorized credit, which is a banking term and is used by the bank itself. Banks deduct any charge when they provide any service to us. And as far as PRCR is concerned, it is not a service. You do not get any benefit from this word.

This word is just a sign. Which gives you the transaction information. The bank is very useful in all aspects of our life. Every day we use debit cards. But they forget when and where it was used. It simply gives us information about transactions on the e-commerce website or transactions at any POS.


You will be surprised that the use of PRCR is very useful for us. We look at some of its usefulness below.

  1. Online shopping gives us complete details of banking transactions on the website.
  2.  Also keeps us alert on all transactions of POS or E. COMMERCE.
  3. Whenever we get the bank statement, then it tells us how the money was deducted from the balance of the transaction which you did not do. If ever you come to know that any such transaction has taken place, then definitely inform your bank.
 What is PRCR PAYTM and PRCR E.Com? 

We do money transactions through our mobile app. Of these, PayTM is very popular. We pay all the money related to our everyday needs through this app only. In fact, it also gives us convenience.

Whenever we make such payment through paytm. So in our bank statement, we see PRCR PAYTM  written. This is done by the bank as a convenience to us. With this, we know where and when we have paid through PAYTM.

The word PRCR E. Com is also a word used by the bank itself. Whenever we do shopping from any online shopping E. COMMERCE site. Then our bank marks it as PRCR E. COM. From this word, we get information that this transaction has been done on the e-commerce website.


Safety through PRCR means Safety through PRCR. This does not ensure safety, but it is possible to prevent fraud. Save means saves you from theft or fraud of your own debit card. Let us know how it happens.

Whenever you see the word PRCR from your bank statement, then definitely check it once whether you have made that purchase or not. If you find that you have not used your debit card for that purchase. So be careful.

If you have not used the debit card but still the word PRCR is appearing in your statement, then you have definitely become a victim of fraud.

What to do if the amount deducted by PRCR

What to do if the amount is deducted by PRCR? We have already told you on this subject that it is completely legal from the banking point of view. But if this amount was deducted without your knowledge, then you must do the following things.

  1. First, check the account statement thoroughly. You are not getting any errors somewhere.
  2. If you have not done any transaction yet your money has been deducted, then first of all you must block your debit card.
  3. Inform your bank and take further action in writing.
  4. If it is confirmed that this is a case of fraud related to debit cards, then you must also file a written complaint with your nearest police.
  5. Customer care number is given by every bank, if you have not received or you do not know, then you can also get the customer care number of your bank from Google on your phone. You can also inform the bank about this over the phone.
  1. PRCR means  Purchase Requisition Change Requisition It is also called Purchase Requisition Change Requisition.
  2. PRCR  i.e.  Password Reset Challenge-Response  It is also known as Password Reset Challenge-Response.
  3. PRCR i.e.  Petition Receiving Civil Registration It is also called petition seeking civil registration.
  4. PRCR means Problem Report Change Request It is also called Problem Report Change Request.
  5. PRCR i.e. Preliminary Repository Concepts Report It is also known as Preliminary Repository Concepts Report.

I hope that you my blog PRCR FULL FORM will prove beneficial for you. We have tried to tell it in simple language so that you will not face any difficulty in getting information about it. If you liked this information, then share this knowledge with others as well. Please write your valuable suggestions in the comment box.

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