BTS Net Worth 2023 – Property, Income, Earnings, Lifestyle & Cars

BTS has a $185 Million net worth. Boy band from South Korea called BTS is also referred to as Bangtan Boys. The BTS band mania is currently sweeping the globe and has a significant impact on America, India, the UK, and other Asian nations. BTS is well-known for its music, facial expressions, good looks, and cuteness. Songs, earnings, vehicles, and more information about BTS are available online. Only Koreans make up the members of the group. they all come from various backgrounds.

We will provide you with information about their bio, love lives, families, and net worth in Indian rupees and US dollars in this page.

What Is BTS?

The fact that BTS has created music that is appropriate for numerous genres, from K-pop to R&B, despite the fact that the group was initially intended to be a hip-hop group, may assist to explain their broad popularity. 2 Kool 4 Skool, the group’s first single album, was released in 2013. Even though their first studio album, Dark & Wild, didn’t come out until 2014, the boys’ earlier music helped them gain a following.

BTS Net Worth 2022

Jungkook net worth$24 Million Dollars
Jimin net worth$38 Million Dollars
BTS group Concert Income$1.5 Million or $2.8 Million
Suga Net Worth$21 Million Dollar
RM Net Worth$26 Million Dollar

BTS’s Net Worth Growth in Last 5 Years

Net Worth in 2022$185 Million
Net Worth in 2021$173 Million
Net Worth in 2020$159 Million
Net Worth in 2019$142 Million
Net Worth in 2018$133 Million

Who is the richest member of BTS?

BTS may be wealthy as a band, but each Army has a bias against one member over another depending on a variety of variables, including their skill sets, roles they play, social media presence, live performance abilities, and more. Their net worth differs as a result of that since they receive different endorsements and share in the success depending on the responsibilities they play, which is fair because all five fingers cannot be equal. Even if all of the members have fortunes between $20 and $35 million, let’s find out which BTS member is the wealthiest.


J-Hope is one of the group’s wealthiest members due to his all-around abilities as well as the success of his most recent solo. He is now the choreographer and coordinator for the band because to his exceptional dancing abilities, which makes him a vital member of the group. His reported $34 million net worth is large.

Rap Monster

Rapping is still popular in pop culture, and Rap Monster, often known as RM, provides one of the best raps. This makes him special because his contribution is unique and unreplicable. His net worth is estimated to be $31 million because to the 130 raps that he has independently patented.


Suga is highly renowned for his creative output, and his single has had great success. As a result, he has promoted well-known products. Suga has 70 works to his credit and writes music for many other nations outside of Korea. His net worth is therefore about $30 million.


Without a doubt, Jimin possesses a fantastic sense of style. His accessories and clothing are both quite tastefully chosen. This is the reason companies like him to be an endorser for their products, whether they be clothing, accessories, or perfumes. His endearing appearance and aura truly work their magic. He is also adored for his voice and his ability to effortlessly hit unachievable high notes. With a net worth of almost $27 million, his overall fame and global presence place him at number four.


Jungkook, the group member with the most searches and the youngest, is well-known for his cover collaborations with artists like Justin Bieber and Charlie Puth. He is multi-talented and has great potential to succeed once he releases the mixtape his fans are eagerly anticipating. His current net worth is about $26 million, though.


The second-youngest member of BTS is adored for his charm on-screen and his friendships off-screen. His strong friendship with Jungkook is well known all around the world. However, it is clear that he has a taste for acting and is gradually pursuing it. He has previously had a few roles in historical Korean dramas, but we hope to see him in future BTS performances because he brings the ideal amount of cheerful drama to the group. He has a $26 million net worth.


The band’s businessman is Jin. It’s possible since he comes from a wealthy family; it’s not simple to be the son of a CEO who runs a Korean business. Because of his excellent emcee abilities, audiences adore seeing him play live. His wealth is estimated to be $25 million because to his capacity to represent BTS on a global scale and serve as their guardian because he is the eldest member.

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