What does “the need of the hour” mean?

I came across this idiom in a title, in association with a noun:

[noun of a product category] — The need of the hour

What does this mean?

Stay home or stay at home – which is correct and why?

Stay home.

Stay at home.

When “home” functions as an adverb, it can modify the verb “stay”. There are other examples, such as “go home”,but there is no expression:

Go to home.

So I wonder which one is correct?

What is 7th Letter in the Alphabet Riddle?

“What is 7th Letter in the Alphabet Riddle?” is a word-based riddle. While at first internet users will find it ridiculously simple, however, most of the people will still get the answer to this simple one-line riddle wrong. This just proves that sometimes the shortest riddles turn out to be the most difficult ones to work out. Here is a tip to solve this riddle for all the internet users who have come across 7th Letter in the Alphabet riddle – One should simply try not to overthink it.