Everything The Rings of Power revisits from the Lord of the Rings trilogy

By Prabhat Jani

Sept 2022


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An early highlight of the show, Galadriel is perhaps the closest thing to a protagonist that can be found in The Rings of Power’s sprawling cast.


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The arrogant cutie here eventually becomes the stern leader of Rivendell played by Hugo Weaving in Peter Jackson’s films.


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Early on in The Rings of Power, we do get a glimpse of LOTR’s big bad as he appears in those movie


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Khazad-dûm, the majestic dwarven city that we get to see in The Rings of Power’s second episode,

Sailing west to the Undying Lands

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In both The Rings of Power and The Lord of the Rings, elves that wish to retire from the land of mortals can sail off to paradise in a very somber ceremony.


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Harfoots are a type of hobbit. They’re not really deep Tolkien lore that you’re missing out on — according to the showrunners


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One thing that appears to have changed very little between then and now in Middle-earth is its orc problem.