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View poetry on teacher in Hindi, message, poetry from here

September 5 and Teacher’s Day in India seem to be synonymous because it is on this day that we celebrate Teacher’s Day in our country. Internationally, Education Day is celebrated on 5 October. We celebrate Teacher’s Day in the honor of Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan, the former Vice President of the country. He has contributed a lot in the field of education. He said that “if education is given in the right way, then the evils of the society can be eradicated”. In view of his contribution in the field of education, his birthday is celebrated as Education Day. Education Day is celebrated with great pomp in schools, colleges and institutes. Keeping this occasion in mind, through this post, we have brought poetry, messages and poems on Education Day. If you also want to send Teacher’s Day Shayari message and poetry to your teachers, then you can read this post completely.

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priceless words on teachers day

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Gururbrahma grururvishnuh gururdevo maheshwarah.
Guru: Sakshat Param Brahm Tasmai Sri Gurve Namah.

Panchagnyo manushene paricarya: effortlessly.
Father Matagniratma Cha Guruscha Bharatarshabha.

Devo Rushte Gurustrata Guru Rushte Na Kaschan:.
Gurustrata Gurustrata Gurustrata no doubt.

Motivational: Indicatorsvava is the audience of the audience.
Teachers bodhkaschaiva shadete guravah smrita॥

Kimtra Bahunokten Shastrakoti Shaten Ch.
Rarara Chitta Vishranti: Without Gurukripam Param.

The virtuous Dharmakarta is always righteous.
Tattvebhya: Gururuchyate to all the scriptures.

shayari in hindi on teacher

It burns like a lamp,
Brightens up many lives.
In the same way every guru,
Fulfills his duty.

erasing ignorance,
The lamp of knowledge is lit.
By Guru’s grace, I
This is a valuable lesson.

Whom every person gives respect,
One who builds heroes.
The one who makes a human being a human being,
We salute such a guru.

was in the darkness of oblivion
made an identity
me from the sorrow of the world
made unknown
he was so kind
Guru gave me a good
made human.

Where is the Guru without knowledge?
His knowledge has neither beginning nor end here.
Where the Guru gave education,
The idol of etiquette arose there.

gave us a wealth of knowledge
made us ready for the future
We are grateful to those gurus
Thank you immensely for what you did.

Who makes us human
Give the recognition of right and wrong,
Kudos to those teachers.
happy teachers day

Mother is guru, father is also guru,
school teacher is also guru
Whatever we have learned,
For us everyone is a teacher
Happy Teachers Day to all

Guru of your gratitude,
How do I pay?
Millions of precious money
Guru is my precious

learned from you, learned from you
We considered you to be our guru.
We have learned everything from you,
pen means you go

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teacher’s day message

message 1

thanks for teaching me to read and write
thank you for teaching me the difference between right and wrong
Thank you for giving me the courage to dream big and kiss the sky
Thank you for being my friend, mentor and light.
Happy Teacher’s Day.

message 2

Thank you so much for solving my math questions, my heart murmurs and my future problems. happy teachers day

message 3

We will be eternally grateful for the hard work and effort you put into educating us. happy teachers day

message 4

I was lucky to have a mentor like you. Happy Teacher’s Day.

message 5

You have been the inspiration of my life, you have always taught me the lesson of truth and discipline. Wishing you a very Happy Teacher’s Day.

Poem on teachers day

verse 1

By becoming an example of ideals, a teacher improving child life.
Blooming, smelling and smelling like an evergreen flower.
By taking new inspiring dimensions, the teacher becomes gorgeous every moment.
By giving us the wealth of accumulated knowledge, the teacher celebrates a lot of happiness.
A teacher who teaches righteous lessons to be afraid of sin and greed.
The teacher shows the sacrificial path to die for the country.
By becoming the basis of the beam of light, Karavya plays her teacher.
Prem becomes Sarita’s stream, the teacher seems to cross the boat.

verse 2

The flame of knowledge has been lit by removing ignorance,
We have received education by staying at the feet of the Guru.
Wrong but when we go astray,
Then only the Guru has shown the way.

verse 3

Gave us the store of knowledge,
Made us ready for the future.
We are grateful to those gurus,
Thank you immensely for what you did.

verse 4

May I always remember this nectar of your Guru,
We recognize what is good and what is bad.
No matter how we get the way, we respect it,
Be it the lamp lit or the embers, remember your lesson.
Whenever we choose between good and evil,
May I always remember this nectar of your Guru.

verse 5

What is right? what is wrong? You read this lesson,
What is a lie? What is the truth? You understand this
When you don’t understand anything, you make the way easy.

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