10 steps to crack Reasoning for SSC, CHSL, CGL Exams, Time management and tricks

SSC Aspirants this article is designed in order to provide you with the best study Reasoning material focussing mainly on our motive 10 steps to crack Reasoning for SSC, CHSL, CGL exams. SSC which stands for Staff Selection Commission is one of the most admired exam conducting organization which every year conducts written examination 11 times and candidates from all over the Country actively participates as well. Check jnvu result 2022 here.

So, there is nothing to be denied that the SSC exam is a craze among the youngsters for acquiring their dream jobs, but hard though true SSC exams with such a huge competitive are never easy to crack. But they can be cracked with right guidance and preparation, so here we have with our article on 10 steps to crack Reasoning for SSC, CHSL, CGL exams.

Well, an SSC written paper is designed with questions asked from subjects like Quantitative Aptitude(Mathematics), English Language, Reasoning aptitude(Logical Reasoning) and General Awareness(GK). So, these are the areas you should work on.

10 steps to crack Reasoning for SSC, CHSL, CGL exams

So, in order to make your Reasoning strong and the right approach made by you to crack the reasoning portion, here are some tips and tricks, and all you should know to crack the most tricky part of your SSC question paper i.e.,  none other than Reasoning or Logical Reasoning or Reasoning Aptitude.

10 steps to crack Reasoning for SSC, CHSL, CGL Exams

The SSC Reasoning part of Question paper is comparatively easy to crack if you made a right approach and collaborate your skills with right management of time, but it is considered as the toughest part of the question paper among the aspirants. Here we are lighting up an extreme knowledge and solely focussing on the Reasoning part of your paper.

The questions are based largely on:-

  • Seating Arrangements, Syllogisms
  • Puzzles
  • Input-Output
  • Coding & Decoding
  • Ordering & Ranking
  • InequalitiesD
  • directions & Distances
  • Blood Relations
  • Verbal Reasoning etc

Crack SSC CHSL CGL Reasoning with advanced question bank creating solutions

Here in this section, we will be discussing every topic under the given above Chapters one on one with proper remarks, and after this for a better understanding and getting familiar with the nature of this particular section of the paper. We will be giving hereunder previous year SSC CHSL CGL Reasoning and General Intelligence paper pattern.

So, let’s start with exploring every chapter under SSC Reasoning one by one:-

 Chapters Topics Remarks
 Analogy Filling another part of the pair based on Alphabetic order or number analogy The given these three Subjects consists of 10 marks mainly.
 Classification Choose the odd out of, could be an odd word, an odd number, the odd in an arrangement set.
 Coding-Decoding Direct Letter, Symbol, Coding, Rule Coding, Substitution.

How to crack these three Subjects:– As per the previous year paper and every related exam pattern, these above-mentioned subjects generally weights 10 marks in reasoning section. If you have a strong presence of mind and are strong in these areas, we suggest you try these first among all.

10 steps to crack Reasoning for SSC, CHSL, CGL Exams
10 steps to crack Reasoning for SSC, CHSL, CGL Exams
 Series Complete the series(alphabet, words or number)These following 4 Subjects also contain paper of 10 marks only.
 Sequences Time & Number sequence and Rankings
 Basic Mathematical Problems Choosing the correct options based on ages.
 Blood relations, directions and distances Family relations and distance related problems.

Preparation tip:– In the above following subjects, you will be given a series of pattern and you have to find the rank of the asked element present in that series. This section generally contains 10 marks and if you have practiced enough of this shall try this proper management of time and using own skills.


 Image Reasoning Cubes and Dices, Series and Figures. As per the paper pattern, these subjects involves 5 marks total.
 Syllogismusing 1 and 2 statement
 Puzzles Matrix based Reasoning.

10 preparation tips to crack Reasoning for SSC exams

Since hold of this article prepared for you enlighten your knowledge about the chapters involved the topics covered and the marks they carry for an examination now here we will guide you what you can do on your side to make an easy approach in cracking your Reasoning section of SSC.

  • Maintain a Regularity. The foremost step towards getting masters in any of educational areas is to maintain a regularity, this is a smart advanced way to prepare with no loads, stress and increased outputs always. Suppose you practice 30 questions of Reasoning every single day to work on your weak areas, after a month when you analyze you would have great commands over the subjects involved plus you already had experience of 900 questions, it will boost up your confidence.
  • On the other hand, practicing 900 questions in a week or few days will be a daunting task.
  • Categorize your Preparation – Instead of taking Reasoning as a whole one subject, categories it divides it and then rules it. Yes, it is simple, make a list of the Chapters and the topics containing by these chapters separately. Then divide your days or time, giving every chapter or topics equal attention, this will not only holds your command in every subject but also drive you towards practicing the whole syllabus of Logical Reasoning for SSC.
  • The given above table will be very helpful for this preparation tip.
  • Take tests every month. Today the internet has broken all the limitations in providing you the best study material and test series both Online and Offline that you on the basis of your preferences. So, if you have prepared a subject completely, you could go for an Online mock test for it available Online. This will help you figure out all your mistakes and errors you’re making while solving the question paper. It will also help you know your level as well the sides in which you’re active enough.
  • Analyze your weak and strong areas – After taking a mock test, you must watch the answers of the questions attempted and note how many questions have you find it difficult to answer, how many are skipped and which one consumes more time. While doing so, you will understand your weak areas and the start working on it. Practice the ones before thinking that topics are too difficult, focus more on that kind of topics.
  • A candidate shall be very specific with Reasoning, as this is a very tricky part of the paper, and the understanding of questions plays an important role suppose the words with negative prefixes like Un or Dis can confuse you of what question is all about, so first understand the question carefully and then attempt it.
  • The next strategy to get the disrable right result of a question when nothing is coming out is trying to apply all the options given with that of your problems and looks what fits into appropriate.
  • Questions related to directions are though interesting but to attempt these your directions should be proper as where is North, Southwest, and East.
  • An important attention shall be given to series, as it is very important section.
  • Tip 9. Always remember in mind, the standard time given for each question and do not attempt every question if you are not sure about, it will deduct your marks for negative marking.
  • Tip 10.  Last but not the least given below are some books which I suggest you go through for a better preparation of Reasoning.

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SSC CHSL CGL Reasoning syllabus pdf download

Given below is the complete tabular form of SSC question paper, in which every section consists of 25 questions, involving our topic of discussion Reasoning as well. Well, this is an overall syllabus pattern but the syllabus of reasoning is broad and consists of various subjects which have been discussed already. Here we will be providing you the previous year asked questions from reasoning and the subject from which they are tasked with the weight they carried.

10 steps to crack Reasoning for SSC, CHSL, CGL Exams
10 steps to crack Reasoning for SSC, CHSL, CGL Exams
SectionNo. of QuestionsNo. of Marks
Reasoning or General Intelligence2550
Quantitative Aptitude2550
English Language2550
General Awareness2550
Exam Duration75 minutes
Maximum Marks200 marks

2016 Previous year Reasoning in SSC CGL exam pdf

In the table given below candidates, you would be able to know the previous year scenario of questions asked from different Subjects of Reasoning in SSC exam. Given here is an analyzed date from the questions asked in SSC exam conducted on 2016, 2015, 2014, 2013, 2012. This will help you build up an understanding of what sections is given more importance and the pattern of questions asked by authorities.

TopicsSSC CGL Tier 1 2016SSC CGL Tier 1 2015SSC CGL Tier 1 2014SSC CGL Tier 1 2013SSC CGL Tier 1 2012SSC CGL Tier 1 2011SSC CGL Tier 1 2010
Blood Relations1-2020001000201
Symbols and Notations1-2030200020103
Direction and Distance1040204020402
Clock and Calendar1020000010101
Coding- Decoding2-3030303040202
Sitting Arrangements1-2020001020202
Cubes and Dices0-1020002000001
Venn Diagram1-2020202010102
Alphabetical Arrangements1-2030301010202
Mirror and Water Image1010101010101
Paper Cutting and Folding1010101010101
Figure Problems (Completion, Embedded, Deviation)3050603020201
Series/Missing Number1-2020405050508
Arithmetic Operations1-2020506050602
Word Formation1020202030201

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Best books for SSC CHSL, CGL exams 2020 Recommended books for Tier 1 and Tier 2

Candidates SSC CHL exam 2022, is near and it is high time to start your practice over various subjects of SSC. So, now your search for best study material and books has ended here. Here i will be providing you best preparation books for SSC CHSL English, Maths, Reasoning section to buck up your practice.

General Intelligence & Reasoning books

  1. Reasoning guide by Arihant Publication
  2. Reasoning Solved question paper by Krishna Publication.
  3. Quantitative Aptitude by R.S Agarwal.
  4. General awareness book by Manohar Pandey.
  5. Logical & Analytic Reasoning(English) by AK Gupta.
  6. A new approach to Reasoning Verbal & Non-Verbal English (B S Sijwali, Indu Sijwali)

Well, these are some books we recommend and links to direct buy them from here will be updated soon, this will come in a part of your offline preparation, but in today’s world online available study materials and online preparation is on latest trend, the fact we are discussing here it is not just trendy it is beneficial too.

Websites to help in SSC CGL CHSL Preparation

There are few websites which can help specifically with different sections as Reasonings, Quant, English and other, we will update this information very soon.

Reasoning and Qualitative Aptitude Questions asked in SSC CGL Exam 2016 (Tier 1)

 Ques 1. If a cat speaks Meow, how does a monkey speak?

Ques 2. A monkey climbs 30 feet at the beginning of each hour and rests for a while when he slips back 20 feet while resting before he again starts climbing in the beginning of the next hour. If he begins his ascent at 8:00 am, the. At what time will he first touch a flag at 120 feet from the ground?

Ques 3Find out the wrong number in the following series:
1              8              27           343         441729

Ques 4.  There were 3 questions in non-verbal reasoning –1 on paper cutting, 1 on mirror image and 1 on water image

                Questions from Quantitative Aptitude

Ques 1. L..C.M. of 1.25 and 0.625

Ques 2. X+1/X=5, Then 6X/(X^2+X+1)=?

Ques 3. The temperature of a week is 47℃. A temperature of 6 days barring Tuesday is 42℃. At that point temperature on Tuesday was?

Ques 4. Amount of Rs.2000 is intrigued at Rs.40 per thousand for a long time then SI=?

Ques 5. A man purchased an article for Rs.4950. Gives two progressive markdowns 20% and 15%. Discover offering cost.

Ques 6. The sweep of a circle and a half of the globe is equivalent. What the proportion of their surface territory?

Ques 7. There were 5 Pie Chart based questions. The level of quant section was moderate.

                    Questions to practice from Relations

Ques 1. A is a sister of B, C is a brother of D. If, D is a sister of A, then how is B related to D?

(a). Brother

(b). Brother or sister

(c). Sister

(d). None of these

Ques 2. M is sister of D. D is brother of K. F is mother of M. How is K related to F?

(a). Son

(b). Daughter

(c). Son or Daughter

(d). None of these

Ques 3. B is brother of D. D is a sister of E. E is brother of F.How is F related to B?

(a) Brother.

(b) Sister.

(c). Brother or Sister

(d). None of these

                        Problems based on Directions:-

Ques 1. Ram went 15 Km towards North, then turned west and covered 10 km. Then he turned South and covered 5km.Finally turning to east he covered 10km. In which direction is he from starting point?

(a). east,

(b). west

(c) North

(d) South

(e) None of these

Ques 2. Aman from a point walks 4 miles North, turns to his right and walks 2 miles, again turns to his right and walks 2 miles. In which direction would he be now with respect to the starting point?

(a). North

(b). South

(c). East

(d). West

(e). None of these

Ques 3. If A stand on his head with his face towards north, in which direction will his left hand point?

(a). North-East

(b). North

(c). East

(d). North-West

(e). None of these

Ques 4. Ram starts from point A and walks 9km North. then turns left and walks 8 km. Then he turns left and walks 12 km upto the point D. In which direction is Ram facing?


(b). South

(c). East

(d) West

(e). None of these

SSC CGL 2022 Revised dates

Application form will be available from16th May 2022
Last date to apply16th June 2022
Admit card will be available for SSC CGL Tier-1July 2020
SSC CGL Tier-1 Exam5th August to 24th August 2022
Result declaration for Tier-1September  2020
Admit card will be available for SSC CGL Tier-2September 2022
SSC CGL Tier-2 Exam10th to 11th Nov 2020
Result declaration for CGL Tier-2December 2020
SSC CGL Tier-3 Exam 21st January 2020
Interview/Skill Test/Computer Skill TestFebruary 2020

Well, candidates, this is all for SSC CGL CHSL Exam 2022 Reasoning tips and tricks, if you want to ask further queries about the exam dates or preparation feel free to drop in the comment section below.

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