Indian Army Salary 2022 | Indian Army Rank Wise Basic, Grade Pay And Salary

Indian Army Salary 2020, here we uploaded the Salary information for Indian Army in 2020. As per the Indian Jurisdiction, the salary ranges are different for different posts, salary incentives reported the average salary of Indian Army 19,264 per month for Barber to 88,961 per month for Commander where the annual packages varying from 2,80,000 per year for Technical Assistant to  8,33,738 per year for Commander. This article has been designed for aspirants who are enthusiastic to be a part of Indian Army, all kind of salary details, salary slip, salary on monthly basis, grade pay for many posts like Sepoy, Lance Naik, Naik, Havaldar, Naib Subedar, Subedar Major, Lieutenant Colonel, Captain, Major, Brigadier and others has been updated for the year 2020. Here we are sharing indian army soldier clerk salary per month 2020. Here check REAP 2020 counselling result.

Indian Army Salary 2022

If you are searching for a job platform where you get all that from a Government Job with an exceptional technology from India, wants to works with Country’s best construction company, and wants to do biggest tasks, then here you are made to serve India’s first cellular enterprise the Indian Army. Visitors are advised to download Indian army salary slip 2020 from link given in this article. Take a look at Indian Army Recruitment 2023.

Indian Army in return for your service serves the best to you and your family, with attractive monthly packages of salary, Indian army serves the largest group of educational institutions for your children, finest Hospital Groups, which make its the best enterprises to work for harboring over 20 diverse works places.

Indian Army Rank wise Salary 2022
Indian Army Rank wise Salary 2022

So, if you are offered a job in Indian Army just grab it and rest of the post concerning information leave it on us, as we have collected salary data from Employees, Users, and various jobs advertisements from Indian Army.

Indian Army Soldier Pay Scale and Allowances 2020

If you have an ultimate goal to join Indian Army for various posts and officers posts, we will give one more exciting reason to just go for it, it is the 7th Pay commission which has hugely transformed the salary structure, the salary which as per your posts concerned you will get in hands. The Payment structure of Sipahi, Lance Naik, Naik, Havaldar, Subedar, Subedar Major, Lieutenant, Captain, Major Brigadier has been listed below in disciplined table with all sort of Payment information including posts wise Pay Scale, Grade Pay, Army Service Pay and total salary.(total in hand cash).

Indian Army Naib Subedar, Subedar, Major Subedar Salary/Hand cash

 Naib Subedar 9300-34800 4200 2000 45,000
 Subedar9300-34800 4600 2000 50,000
 Major Subedar9300-34800 4800 2000 65,000

Indian Army ranks and salary 2020

Before taking you to the table consisting of all job profile or posts hand on salary, you shall first know the factors combinedly constituting your salary these are called PayScale, Grade Pay, Army Service and Salary. Here we will be describing each term and how it affects your monthly salary. Here take a look at salary of indian army jawan per month. Here is GATE 2023 Application form.

Indian Army Salary 2022
Indian Army Salary 2022

Pay Scale or Scale Pay. Pay Scale is also known as Salary structure which is solely the salaried employee would be given per month without Grade Pay and other allowances. The Pay Scale differs for different ranks in the organization and so in the Army, you will be able to conclude that from the tables given below.

Grade Pay. Pay steps within each pay grade differ between organizations and may involve as many as 10-15 or more pay steps before an employee reaches the top rate of pay for their pay grade.

 Sepoy 5200-20200 1800 25,000
 Lance Naik 5200-20200 2000
 Naik 5200-20200 2400 35,000
 Havaldar 5200-20200 2800 40,000
 5400 68,000
 Captain 15600-39100 6100 75,000
 Major 15600-39100 6600 1,00,000
 Lieutenant Colonel 37400-67000  8000 1,12,000
 Colonel 37400-67000  8700 1,30,000
 Brigadier 37400-67000 8900 –
 Major General 37400-67000 10,000 –
 Lieutenant General 37400-67000 – –

Other benefits and facilities of Indian Army Employee

The Indian Army provides many facilities to its employee and their familities despite of hardships in their jobs, if you are in Army your famiy will lead an easy life for sure. They provides you..

  • Accommodation. If an Army employee gets transferred to another state, the army will be responsible to make your safe stay in that city with building Sarkari Quarters for sufficient rooms and hospitality.
  • Education for Children. Army Public Schools and Kendriya Vidhyalaya are set up all over the country for siblings of an Army employee, so wherever you get posted your chid’s admission will be the first priority in these schools.
  • Pension Plans. This is the glory of a Government job, lifetime pension. After retirement, employees will get a decent amount of money throughout your life. This is the most appreciable part of a government job.
  • Vacations. 60 days of annual leave is provided by Army and there is sick leave also for as much time as Army doctors will advise.
  • Accommodation, entitled rations, free travel and many administrative facilities are provided for the servicepersons and their families which are a very big advantage of an officer post.
  • Job Security. Job security is a factor which provides a lifetime guarantee of your regular, monthly payments and no one can expel you from your job without any illegal, valid reason.
  • No private job can offer you that security of job for lifetime which a Government Jobs an army job can offer, this is the truth and reason why people prefer a Government job.

Indian Army Rank Wise Salary 2022

1# Indian Army Sepoy Salary 2022

  • Pay Scale: 5200-20200
  • Grade Pay: 1800
  • Army Service Pay: 2000
  • Total Cash (Salary): 25,000

2# Indian Army Lance Naik Salary 2022

  • Pay Scale: 5200-20200
  • Grade Pay: 2000
  • Army Service Pay: 2000
  • Total Cash (Salary): 30,000

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3# Indian Army Naik Salary 2022

  • Pay Scale: 5200-20200
  • Grade Pay: 2400
  • Army Service Pay: 2000
  • Total Cash (Salary): 35,000

4# Indian Army Havaldar Salary 2022

  • Pay Scale: 5200-20200
  • Grade Pay: 2800
  • Army Service Pay: 2000
  • Total Cash (Salary): 40,000

5# Indian Army Naib Subedar Salary 2022

  • Pay Scale: 9300-34800
  • Grade Pay: 4200
  • Army Service Pay: 2000
  • Total Cash (Salary): 45,000

6# Indian Army Subedar Salary 2022

  • Pay Scale: 9300-34800
  • Grade Pay: 4600
  • Army Service Pay: 2000
  • Total Cash (Salary): 50,000

7# Indian Army Subedar Major Salary 2022

  • Pay Scale: 9300-34800
  • Grade Pay: 4800
  • Army Service Pay: 2000
  • Total Cash (Salary): 65,000

8# Indian Army Lieutenant Salary 2022

  • Pay Scale: 15600-39100
  • Grade Pay: 5400
  • Army Service Pay: 6000
  • Total Cash (Salary): 68,000

9# Indian Army Captain Salary 2022

  • Pay Scale: 15600-39100
  • Grade Pay: 6100
  • Army Service Pay: 6000
  • Total Cash (Salary): 75,000

10# Indian Army Major Salary 2022

  • Pay Scale: 15600-39100
  • Grade Pay: 6600
  • Army Service Pay: 6000
  • Total Cash (Salary): 1,00,000

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11# Indian Army Lieutenant Colonel Salary 2022
  • Pay Scale: 37400-67000
  • Grade Pay: 8000
  • Army Service Pay: 6000
  • Total Cash (Salary): 1,12,000

12# Indian Army Colonel Salary 2022

  • Pay Scale: 37400-67000
  • Grade Pay: 8700
  • Army Service Pay: 6000
  • Total Cash (Salary): 1,30,000

13# Indian Army Brigadier Salary 2022

  • Pay Scale: 37400-67000
  • Grade Pay: 8900
  • Army Service Pay: 6000
  • Total Cash (Salary): N/A

14# Indian Army Major General Salary 2022

  • Pay Scale: 37400-67000
  • Grade Pay: 10,000
  • Army Service Pay: N/A
  • Total Cash (Salary): N/A

15# Indian Army Lieutenant General Salary 2022

  • Pay Scale: 37400-67000
  • Grade Pay: N/A
  • Army Service Pay: N/A
  • Total Cash (Salary): N/A

Indian Army Rally  Salary/ Tanquah per month

  • Name of the Organization: Indian Army
  • Name of the Posts: Sepoy, Lance Naik, Naik, Havaldar, Soldier, Subedar, Army officers.
  • Official Website:
  • Category: Salary

Indian Army Salary Rankwise 2020

Indian Army Salary and Rank description from Higher to Lower.

Major General. Major General is the highest military rank. It is in Army and Navy also, with PayScale given 37000 to 67000.

Lieutenant General. Lieutenant General is Vice Chief of Indian Army. It is the second Highest and three starts military rank in any country’s army with an exceptional salary of  68000 to 78000. This amazing job offer shall be the dream of many as the salary offered is very satisfactory and is a respectable and prestigious job.

Brigadier. Fourth Highest rank in Indian Army with Pay scale 37000 to 67000 and Brigadier get a grade pay of 8900 with retirement given at the age of 56.

Indian Army Rank Wise Pension Scheme 2020

After enough discussing Pay Scale and Salary, you may indeed want to get all detailed knowledge to secure future before joining or applying. So, the next important information is about Pension schemes or pension plans.

As per the data there were approximately Rs. 54000 crores amount the Government of India has introduced Army Pension Budget in 2016-17. Making it prior to the jawans serving our nation to give some more hence the need to increase 20% of the defense Pension Outlay is proposed and came into force under One Rank One Pension scheme/OROP.

You must be known with the fact that employees joined after 2004 in any government sector, will not enjoy pension from the Government except if you are serving for Indian Army, there is always an exception for the exceptional jobs and so is for amry, every candidate as per its post will be given pension lifetime.

Indian Army New Salary 2022

The salary details have been updated in this article but if you feel the need to once cross check and download a salary chart for each rank through the official website. you could have it here. Given below are some steps which enables you to download your Salary in hand as per your rank, follow the instructions and feel free to ask for another help in the comment section below.

  1. Log on  to the official website i.e.
  2. Click on the apply online link for Indian army Open Bharti State wise…
  3. Just create a new registration by filling all the details.
  4. Fill the educational and academic details.
  5. Submit the form.
  6. Upload all your scanned document in the form.
  7. Finally, submit your form.
  8. Download the acknowledgment for future use.

Dear Indian Nationalist if we have a safe in our homes, it’s only the efforts of various departments under Indian defenses. Army Job designation not only gives you and your family a quality life but also is a big chance to earn respect, so if you have potential and wants to join Indian Army we appreciate you and your questions or queries are wecolmed in the comment section below.

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