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How To Detect A Fake Telephonic Interview Call | Fraud And Fake Interview Checklist

How to detect a Fake Telephonic Interview Call: Recruiters and job seekers, are the two group of people that are tied to a knot of employment in the cooperate the world, but sadly nowadays, fake jobs scam and fake telephonic Interviews have been reported at an alarming rate, so here we bring an article on How to detect a fake Interview Call, for the people out there who tends to become a victim of these deceit and fictitious jobs offers. Here you can download FCI Watchman 2020 admit card.

Fake Telephonic Interview Call

In this article, we will be covering the facts and tips on how you guys can survive a fake Telephonic Interview or a job scam, types of jobs scam, and the parameters which they very smartly to flatter and soon you(job seekers).

Fake Telephonic Interview Call
Fake Telephonic Interview Call

A Scam job offer is not something that is just manifested, it is a planned strategy by the scammer, that imitate as a recruiter or employer to exploit the identity of the job seeker.

At the end what lasts with the job seekers is deceit and disappointment, so as these scammers becoming way smarter with time and technology, we also need to be updated about their strategies and hacks, which I will be sharing here as I have also experienced the same through emails and calls, messages, but with experience, successfully figured out How to detect a fake Telephonic Interview Call or a job scam, with well built ed internet security and hacking methodologies. Take a look on RTU 4th sem result online.

How do you detect a Fake Interview Call and their signs

These days scams are what happens often, whether it is a bank account scam or a fake job offer scam, these scammers with time are evolving to be more crafty, with their modulus operandi becoming highly professional and thus hard to detect.

They will target you from your submitted Online resumes and flatters you with the high pay grade scale, ensuring that you are the perfect employee they are looking for that particular job, well guys there you have to get that it is the Main trap, as no any well doing  corporate company, will provide you job permit without a planned personal meeting and analysis.

Secondly, once they caught your attention and trust, they will ask a job seeker to pay money in advance for an attracted employment opportunity that they have planted just to make it more enticing.

And once you, gets completely into their trap they will obtain cash from you and disappears, with job seeker left with no cash as well with no job, it’s sad but its happening around us and they are targeting overseas eventually.

So, here we go with the Objectives and parameters on How to identify the fake job offering calls, emails from reputed Companies.

Fake recruiter Scam – Observation 1

Money Parting/Security deposit. This is the reality check, the golden rule, any company that is asking you to pay a certain amount of money in advance( Money partying), is definitely a scam. the legitimate companies usually cost it by their own expenses, they do not ask for money in advance.


If this company is offering to train you for that job as in favour of the parted money, it is a warning sign, you should say no. I would suggest Never Ever pay your money across if you have a suspect.

Observation 2 – Not authentic details

For a reputed Company, its reputation is a big deal and so as the details, that they provide you. So, if you received any job call or an e-mail, do some research in finding the authenticity of that recruiter, say you can go through the company website if any, and check the details written there, with what they have provided you, compare the contact numbers, email addresses etc., to what would appear when doing a Google on the company or in a company directory.

Observation 3 – The Electronic mail IDs

This is the basic and easiest way to detect a Fake Telephonic Interview Call, by an e-mail, as no Legitimate company uses free email accounts such as Yahoo, Gmail,  Hotmail, Live, their E-mail Ids have corresponded from corporate email accounts.

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Observation 4 – Google research

You should go for a google search of that company, as all kinds of information, all pasts activities must have been cached by google, compare the information you receive from google with that of what they have deceived.

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Observation 5 – Non Specific Descriptions

This is the most technical part where you can catch the perpetration Email or letter.Given below is a letter which is subjected as a scam here, we will tell you the key to find it out here it goes:


In this letter, which has been received by a friend of mine is being invited for a job in a hospital, but if you look at the language and the specificity of the job offered, there you will find a complete shit, zooming on that phase will be easier to illustrate you.


Here you can see, the recruiting body which is the Hospital, is offering a job opportunity in their hospital, which is not even specified, funny right?  Any, company or an organization if sending an email shall contain every detail of the job type they are offering, the role of the contender, and the department, so just think, can any company behave such unprofessionally, no Right!

Conclusion: NEVER EVER, Any legitimate company offers you a job by sending a non-detailed email and using the phrases job opportunity or career opportunity, instead of specifying the job.

Observation 6 – Grammatical mistakes

Since the spammers are from overseas as well, you can judge the authenticity of their joining letter or work permit by observing the blunder of grammatical mistakes they actually made, although we even are not pros at grammar, sometimes they are easily understood.

Observation 7 – Jobs without Interviews

This is the most important rule of a reputed company that they will never go to hire you without personal interviewing you first, if they say that you are the perfect employee for any job, they it is pure flattering, because no legitimate company will provide you with a place in their company, through just an email or a Telephonic conversation.

Other than these 7 Observations we have provided you could go through these simple practices, to become sure about any step you further take.

If you got any suspicious Fake Interview Call or email, always check the name of the Company on the scam list of Better Business Bureau and Federal Trade Commission, to check if the company has been reported under scam list.

Uninvited job offers. Sounds pretty good, but they not actually, if you got an email or an invite for a job that you haven’t applied for with a big figure salary, then it might be a scam, you should be careful of such offers.

Identity thefts. Identity thefts are been a new emerging internet scam for nowadays if you got a call for a job and they seem to be interested in your Social Security Number and personal Information, then you should never ever part them any information. By doing so, you will serve a platform for them to coon you as you to apply for credit cards, and run up massive bills in your name and ruin your credit record.

So, guys you better be aware of these Jobs scam as these scammers are way too smart and can make you prey by their strategist deceit, resulting you left with no job and no money in your hand, they can even fake transaction with your credit cards, which will be a huge loss. So, don’t be a prey, read the article, judge, analyse and then take a step forward.

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